ESW AV & Festival Season 2017

Here at ESW, we love summer…why? Because summer season = festival season.

We have an endless passion for festivals and live events; 2017 has been no different. All of our staff have involvement and take great enjoyment in music and events, both inside and outside of the industry.

Sidmouth Folk Week 2017

Every year, we provide AV to a range of festivals, locally, nationally and internationally. These include indoor, outdoor, multi-venue, single venue, multi-day and single day events. There really is no event we can’t turn our experienced hands to.

We’ve just returned from a truly amazing festival and a particular favourite of ours…Sidmouth Folk Week!

We’ve worked alongside our friends at Sidmouth Folk Week for the past 6 years and this 8-day event truly shows what we can incorporate into a festival from an audiovisual perspective.

With thousands of revellers attending throughout the week, our team of multi-skilled staff with specialist support provided full AV solutions across 3 outdoors stages and 7 indoor venues.

From major concerts to smaller intimate sessions including live bands, story tellers, spoken word artists, dance workshops and more, we covered all bases. With perfectly engineered on-stage monitoring systems, a range of available microphones and expert technicians on hand, every performer’s requirements were catered for.

The live bands included an array of uncommon and cultural instruments from around the world, which our dedicated sound engineers knew exactly how to get the best sound from. Suitable microphone systems and audio feeds were readily available for any kind of instrument that presented itself, from all kinds of African drums, harps, sousaphones, spoons…and even turkey basters!

[Photo Credit: Andy Morgan]
Our line array sound systems were also out in full force. Line array systems are most appropriate for outdoor stages and arenas as the technology allows us to direct audio to the performance area and give an even distribution of sound to the audience.

As well as showing off our expertise in audio, our extensive range of HD graphics kit was put in to play. Varying sizes of screens, projectors and plasma TVs were provided to all indoor venues, displaying videos and images in crisp full HD quality.

We ran our cutting edge graphics technology in tandem with audio for live performers, running visuals with cues against audio and what was unfolding on stage.

Planning an event or festival?

In addition to all of the above, at ESW we can provide everything you need and more to complete the production of performances that your guests travel far and wide to see. High fidelity audio, HD graphics, solid staging, astonishing lighting, live streaming, video production, event management, safety barriers and more.

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