ESW AV & Live Streaming: Awards Events

This year, we have carried out an abundance of live streaming projects with a vast array of requirements, from a single shot to extensive multi-camera mixes, incorporating sign language, subtitles and more.

Notably, we have captured a number of awards events @ the prestigious Dorchester Hotel in London on Park Lane. These have comprised of a full dynamic 3-camera production, capturing close-ups of speakers at the lectern, a wide shot capturing all stage action as well as an active camera capturing scenes from the audience.

One of our highly experienced Directors and Vision Mixers followed the action, cutting to each camera as and when required throughout. For live stream viewers, this kind of mixture really allows them to feel they are as close as possible to actually being at the event itself.

We created a custom background using the client’s branding and streamed these events live across two different platforms; YouTube & the client’s own website.

Accessibility was at the forefront of this client’s mind. Our streams were accompanied by live sign language and subtitles, which viewers found hugely beneficial. Taking feeds from dedicated suppliers and using picture-in-picture technology, these were very easily implemented.

Also on site, our expert Camera Operators roamed the full event, capturing interviews as well as the hustle & bustle. Back at base in our editing suite, this material was used to create a great highlights video for the client’s use following the event.

Planning an event you would like to be live streamed?

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We offer our client’s the option to stream to a platform of their choice, including our own secure ‘Talking Slides‘ platform which offers many add-ons including pay-per-view, live interactive Q&A and more.

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