Event Profs: Your Sponsors Will Love Talking Slides!

Talking Slides is a unique and cutting edge conference recording and live streaming service which captures speaker content and creates customised websites in order to view live and recorded presentations –  but it doesn’t stop there!

We understand how fundamental sponsorship can be for many of our clients, especially conference and exhibition organisers. ‘Talking Slides’ creates an amazing online space to sell to your sponsors.

How and Why?

Our client’s custom Talking Slides websites allow them to include sponsor logos that link directly through to their website. There is also an option to add sponsor logos to the backgrounds of the presentation videos containing their content. This optimises their sponsor’s presence by allowing them to reach not only those who attend the conference or event  event in person, but limitless audiences online for a minimum of 12 months for each event!

[Sponsor Logos On Presentation Video]
Long Term Sponsorship

We know that securing long-term relationships with your sponsors is crucial. Every time content is upload to your Talking Slides website, it creates yet another opportunity for your sponsors to have an online outlet. As well as that, it provides you with regular examples of what you can offer new sponsors. Talking Slides really is the gift that keeps on giving!

[Sponsor Logos On Client’s Website]

Sponsorship Often Funds Talking Slides!

Many of our existing clients are completely funded by their exhibitors and/or sponsors. For just a small amount from each sponsor, the cost of our services are often raised or exceeded in this way.

Want your conference recorded or live streamed with Talking Slides? Let’s get talking!

It couldn’t be simpler. We attend your event. We record the content. We edit the content, creating all presentation videos and your bespoke website. We provide you with a web address that leads to your content. You pass on the web address to your delegates an viewers. It really is that easy.

Watch our introductory video and let ‘Alice’ walk you through how it all works.

Get in touch with our super friendly team today and discover how Talking Slides will benefit you.