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What makes the perfect festival? Food, beer, live music
and of course ESW Solutions.

Some Of Our Valued Clients

Local, National, Europe and Beyond!

As music, food, beer and charity festivals become increasingly popular, audiences’ expectation of audio visual quality are growing.

At ESW Solutions we work closely with local festival event organisers advising, equipping and staffing a variety of audio visual aspects. Our team will ensure that other items such as power, crowd barriers and site lighting are also covered.

One of the main concerns for local festivals is noise control. ESW Solutions have invested in the latest Line Array Technology allowing us to focus the sound to the performance area. This cutting-edge system also gives an even distribution of sound, so that it is not just concentrated in front of the stage. Our experienced engineers have extensive experience working in noise controlled venues and with environmental health officers, giving event organisers one less thing to worry about!


Our Services Include:

  • Front of House and Stage Sound.
  • Stage Lighting.
  • AV – Including Graphics and Live Cameras.
  • Live Relay’s Across Festival Sites.
  • Live Streaming.
  • Event Video.
  • Event Management.
  • Safety Barriers and Fencing.

Whilst the majority of our events are throughout the UK and Europe, we are very proud of our local roots. With that in mind, the team have put together some simple packages to provide local festivals and events with quality sound and light at an affordable price.

Our techies love summer.
Why? It's festival time.

Many of ESW’s highly experienced technicians are involved in the music industry locally and look forward to the busy summer season when they can use their technical knowhow and passion for live events and local music to create memorable and enjoyable local festivals for our clients.

Supported by our warehouse and administration teams we ensure all our equipment is well maintained, meeting health and safety requirements.

We have the Technology

ESW has has invested heavily in the latest cutting-edge AV equipment including HD screens, sound systems, lighting & visual FX including pyrotechnics. You name it, we’ve got it and if we haven’t then it’s not worth having.

We have the Experience

Have we mentioned already that we’ve been in the Festival AV Hire industry for over 20 years? It’s something we’re super proud of and as the age old saying goes, with age comes wisdom (and technical expertise).

We have the Support

We love our clients, and our clients love us. We describe our customer focused support team as ‘best in the business’. What our staff don’t know about Festival AV Hire isn’t worth knowing and they are super-friendly.


Few Recent Projects


Head Office – +44 (0)1803 864464

London – +44 (0)208 4197001

Bristol – +44 (0)1174 037888


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