MEDIVIEW HD provides a truly interactive experience for training days including surgical procedure broadcast. It's like having the operating table in the room with you, accept that room can be anywhere in the world!


Mediview HD has been developed as a high quality, yet cost-effective solution to traditional methods of broadcasting from hospitals, for training and conferencing purposes. With access to high speed Internet, live surgery, along with other medical procedures, can be quickly and painlessly shared with colleagues on a global basis. Highly cost-effective, transmissions and recordings of all forms of medical work is now possible, whatever your speciality: Open heart surgery, interventional cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, other thoracic surgery, radiology, etc...

Live Surgical Broadcast
High Definition Video

We can broadcast in HD point to point using a local network should it be available, or over IP using an internet connection or satellite. There different options available depending on available resources and budget.

Crystal Clear Audio

Using state of the art Barix broadcast equipment to transmit audios from the lecture theatre back to the operating theatre or lab; we can ensure that every question asked by the audience is received, loud and clear, by the operators.

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