Benenden Annual Conference

Design and Build a Custom Stage Set: We created a custom 3D stage set and top table surround, giving depth and dimension, also matching the colour scheme of the event.

Provide All Staging: We also provided full staging, matching the clients size requirements and layout. A top table and two lecterns were provided for debates.

Provide Full AV Solutions: Full graphics, lighting, audio and FX set ups were provided, ticking all of the boxes for the client, giving an amazing end result. All of which were operated by dedicated technicians throughout.

Talking Slides – To Record & Live Stream the Event: We used our unique and cutting edge product Talking Slides, to record and live stream the conference. Live streams were beamed to YouTube and our very own server as a back up and we created custom graphics to match the event branding.

Client – Benenden.

Event – Conference.

Staff – 5 Technicians (plus support).

Location – Hilton Metropole, Brighton.

Attendance – 450+.

The ability to live stream conferences and meetings is fast becoming an essential feature in the industry. Our work alongside Benenden at their annual conference in Brighton last year is a prime example of what live streaming has to offer and how much can be incorporated with Talking Slides.

Our live streaming set up consisted of 4 sources (3 different camera shots and a graphics feed of presentations), bespoke animated graphics and holdings slides to fill breaks between presentations and a dedicated Vision Mixer who directed film crew and cut between sources. Result – the Benenden Annual Conference benefitted by increasing their audiences massively.

"Thank you very much for all of your work at our event last week, it was great to see you again. I look forward to seeing the edited clips.” – Benenden, 2016.