The Society of British Neurological Surgeons’

Set, Staging & Signage: In the main room, a full length and modern truss stage was built and inserted with large 16:9 wide projection screen and set panels. We created custom SBNS ‘gobos’/lighting stencils and lit up the set panels with our client’s elegant logo. We also installed a HD plasma screen within the lectern to create digital event signage

In the Parallel Room, we provided a suitable sized stage set and projection screen, lit up majestically in blue, to match the colour scheme of the event.

Provide Full AV Solutions: Full graphics, lighting, audio set ups were provided, ticking all of the boxes for the client, giving an amazing end result. All of which were operated by dedicated technicians throughout.

SRR: Our dedicated staff set up and operated a fully networked Speaker Ready Room, whereby we run through all presentations and media content with each and every speaker to ensure they are fully comfortable and their talks run without any technical hitches.

Talking Slides Plus: A crew from our unique conference capturing service ‘Talking Slides’ were recording in each room. All presentations were captured whilst filming a head and shoulders shot of speakers delivering their talks at the lectern.

This material was then edited and uploaded to the custom SBNS Talking Slides website, for the presentations to be revisited or viewed for the first time by those who could not attend.

Assistance With Exhibition: Far in advance of the event, we drew up floor plans, ensured all exhibitors had the power they required and had each stand marked out at the venue before set up began. We also provided and set up all required poster boards.

Gala Dinner: Full aesthetic lighting was spec’d and set up to create an amazing atmosphere within the Gala Dinner venue. We also installed a hi-fidelity PA system with a range of microphones for speeches.

Client – SBNS.

Event – Conference & Exhibition.

Staff – 5 Technicians (plus support).

Location – RICC, Torquay.

Attendance – 200+.

All over the country, for nearly a decade, we have worked closely alongside SBNS to deliver their exciting Spring and Autumn conferences.

We love these times of year particularly, as these events encompass so much of what we can offer to our clients. With such long client relationships in place, every event is even better than the last!

We begin the planning of each and every conference with a site visit to each venue, to gauge exactly what we need to provide in order to tick every single box and eliminate any potential issues.

We continue to liaise with venues throughout on our client’s behalf, to make sure they have everything they need. This means we’re all are working towards the same goal – making every event a complete success!

"Thanks once again for all your help, it was a great success. What ESW do for us is invaluable and we also like having you around!!”- Alix, SBNS.