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In-house creative staging design experts.


The backdrop to your event is equally important as the AV,
creating high-impact staging is what we're all about.

Some Of Our Valued Clients

From Mockup, to Reality

Conferences and events often have a particular message or theme, and the creative team at ESW Solutions love to make your ideas a reality.

From Hollywood skylines to Amazon rainforests (or even the inside of a superbug!), we can provide you with a bespoke stage set to make your next event stand out. Our design team will work from an initial brief to the final concept, ensuring the stage set incorporates your theme, corporate branding or event message. Once you are happy with the design our traditional craftsmen, who are totally aware of the exacting standards required for events, build your bespoke design in-house.


For Smaller Events

We hold a wide range of grey and blue set panels in stock that can be covered in a fabric colour of your choice if required. This often reduces the time and expense of designing and building a bespoke set for your event.

A cost-effective and professional solution for a range of conferences and events, these sets can include corporate branding.

Multi-screen and
ultra-wide stage sets.

Multi-screen and ultra-widescreen stage sets are becoming increasingly popular for modern conferences and other events. The screens are able to display many different images at once; a camera shot of the presenter, their presentation slides and a logo can all be displayed on a single screen in HD.

We hold stock projection screens with widths up to 9 metres. The stage sets are designed and built on an individual basis to your exact requirements.

We have the Expertise

We have various cost-effective backdrop stages and sets in stock, to cater for smaller events. For bigger events, let our design team create a stunning stage & backdrop to take your next event to a whole new level.

We have the Experience

Have we mentioned already that we’ve been providing & designing Staging for over 20 years? It’s something we’re super proud of and as the age old saying goes, with age comes wisdom (and creative expertise).

We have the Support

We love our clients, and our clients love us. We describe our customer focused support team as ‘best in the business’. What our staff don’t know about Staging & Set Design isn’t worth knowing and they are super-friendly.


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