Talking Slides – AutoSens

This coming May, our in-house specialist conference recording product ‘Talking Slides’ heads abroad once again, this time travelling Stateside to the M1 Concourse in Detroit for the AutoSens conference.

We’re really looking forward to working alongside Sense Media once again. We first started working with Sense Media in Belgium last year and since then we have worked together on multiple events. We have supported them in numerous different areas including conference recording, highlight videos and also providing AV equipment.

The Talking Slides recording crew travel all over the world, needing no more than standard airline luggage allowance for their required kit.

As part of the Talking Slides product, we create a custom built website for the final content to be uploaded to and watched back on, among other available features. The AutoSens custom built Talking Slides website really is a great reflection of how we can match company branding and make it their own.

If you’re interested in recording your conference or meeting, hit the link below for more info: