Talking Slides Top Tips: 3 Ways to Increase Your Viewer Count

So, Talking Slides has captured your conference, your content is live, your sponsors are loving the online outlet and your delegates are catching up on everything they missed. But how do you ensure you’re getting as much traffic to your Talking Slides website as possible?

There are a few simple things that you can implement in to your standard conference operations, meaning no extra leg work for you!

3 Ways to Increase Your Viewer Count:

Post-Event Contact

Like most conference organisers, it’s likely that after each conference you’re sending surveys and information regarding future events to your delegates. Simply include a little extra info within this  directing your audience to your Talking Slides site! 

Talking Slides Flyers

Free of charge, we are always happy to print off personalised flyers – in fact we usually ask! These directly promote your Talking Slides site and provide all the information your delegates need to find and access your content. We’ll place these on seats, in welcome packs, at registration and anywhere else they might be found useful.


The Chairman!

Include Talking Slides information in your housekeeping rules and the address at the start of each session. A simple and quick line from the Chairman to remind people where to find your content after the conference can really boost numbers.

Want your conference recorded or live streamed? Let’s get talking!

It couldn’t be simpler. We attend your event. We record the content. We edit the content, creating all presentation videos and your bespoke website. We provide you with a web address that leads to your content. You pass on the web address to your delegates an viewers. It really is that easy.

Watch our introductory video and let ‘Alice’ walk you through how it all works.

Get in touch with our super friendly team today and discover how Talking Slides will benefit you.